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115 fatherless Bar Mitzvah boys need Teffilin!

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Every year, Colel Chabad sponsors a mass Bar Mitzvah for children who have lost a father or mother. Each of these events is in fact a multitude of intimate Bar Mitzvah celebrations for hundreds of orphaned children and their families.

At the culminating ceremony at the Kotel each Bar Mitzvah boy receives his own new pair of Tefillin.

Following the ceremony, a joyous full-course banquet with live music and dancing takes place, with the participation of their families and close friends. Professional photographers are on hand to create a dedicated souvenir album for each child.

They are also honored by the presence of major rabbinic and civic leaders who bring greetings, blessings and the love of the entire nation.

Together, lets help purchase them their own pair of Teffilin.

The site now supports US, UK (GiftAid) and Canadian tax receipts. To donate for Israel tax benefits visit eshel.org.il/donate (please make sure to put in a comment that the donation is is for the Tefillin campaign)


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